I’m Patrick.

It’s nice to meet you.

TLDR/Elevator Pitch/Shark TankI’m a front-end digital designer and React / Node.js developer with five years and two continents under my belt.

I’m a UI designer and digital illustrator who codes alongside the back-end developers. I’m doing my job when I’m bridging the gap between visuals and code. Thank you for your time.

The nerdy programmer stuff:


  • Javascript libraries/environments
    React.js, React Native, Node.js, Ember.js
  • Bread n’ Butter
    HTML5, CSS3, CSS Grid, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap
  • Marmalade
    Jade.js, Pug.js, EJS
  • Yo dawg I heard you like apps
  • Ah man, do I have to?
    Wordpress, WP Multisite, PHP
  • Ol’ reliable
    Javascript, Coffeescript, jQuery

The super sexy software I use:


  • Visual
    Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Invision, Figma
  • Version Control / FTP
    Git, Github, Tower, Transmit
  • Code management
    Vscode, Sublime, TextEdit, Morse Code, Smoke Signals, Expressive Dance
  • Communication
    Slack, Skype, JIRA
  • Images
    ImageOptim, Handbrake

The last ten years of my life:


  • Sydney, NSW
    Creative Licence DigitalFront-end Developer
  • Cincinnati, OH
    Zipscene LLCFront-end Design & Dev
  • New Orleans, LA
    Imaginal MarketingWeb Designer / Dev


  • Highland Heights, KY
    Northern Kentucky UniversityB.A., Creative Writing & Media Informatics

CV / Resumé

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Noteworthy Clients

Languages / Code Environments


Work Experience

Front-end Developer, Creative Licence Digital2015-19Sydney, Australia

Lead the design and front-end UI/UX development of over a half dozen unique company properties. Oversaw the rebranding of our largest client’s flagship online service while establishing, developing and advocating said service’s user interface architecture.

Assisted in establishing and maintaining a design framework and approach for our new React.js/React Native app initiative while maintaining established legacy design guidelines.

Collaborated with and managed a rotating team of up to ten back-end developers while overseeing, reviewing, and coaching junior designer hires.

Front-end Design & Dev, Zipscene LLC2013-15Cincinnati, Ohio

Designed and developed Ember.js, Node.js, and Wordpress websites for over a dozen major national restaurant chains. Collaborated with back-end developers and graphic designers to rapidly prototype, develop, and ship data-driven mobile and web apps.

Spearheaded the implementation and development of responsive BS3/Node.js frameworks, client-facing WordPress templates, and company-specific presentation collateral.

Proposed, budgeted, and created an event-specific branding initiative operating in conjunction with ZipScene's social outreach efforts.

Web Designer / Dev, Imaginal Marketing2013New Orleans, Louisiana

Coded and debugged desktop sites, mobile sites, & email blasts using HTML, CSS, and PHP.

Web Designer / Dev, Midwest Grip & Lighting2011-12Cincinnati, Ohio

Redesigned and expanded online catalog from 15 pages to over 300. Wrote over 100 pages of product copy.

2D Graphics Designer, Elektrik Blue2009San Francisco, California

Designed graphics and UI for iPhone game Spaceblasters. Coordinated art direction cross-country.

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Since I intend for this site to be an example of what I can do, and not a comprehensive commercial product, I’m ok with that sacrifice in usability, especially since signs point to IE11 eventually adopting full CSS Grid support.

So with that said, I’d recommend using a different browser, such as Microsoft Edge. If you got cursed by a witch or something and have to use IE, you can contact me at patrick@delaney.design or you can check out my
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