Zipscene UC 2014 Hackathon

Swag rules everything around me

My previous employer, Zipscene, sponsored a 48-hour hackathon at the University of Cincinnati. I thought it would be cool to design some unique company swag that you could only get if you participated, like a Boy Scout badge or a rare band t-shirt.

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the stickers.For these stickers, I combined my co-workers' love of beer (happy-hour kegs, anyone?) with a strong dash of Cincinnati tech-startup pride.

The campaign was a success: the stickers helped start conversations between UC students and Zipscene reps, and helped us make potential future hiring connections.

There's no higher compliment than seeing someone put your design on their $2000 MacBook Pro.

Fun fact: because I only had one night to make this, and I hadn’t learned Illustrator, I cranked this design out in Photohsop vector shapes. Never again! This design was the inspiration for me to finally learn illustrator, and I’ve been ⌘+d-ing it ever since.

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