Sneaker Fox

Second time’s the charm.

Sneaker Fox is a prototype redesign/refinement of the orignal Altadis Connect Trade App user interface. Getting Altadis Connect designed and shipped on time was a pretty arduous process, and I felt like a lot of good material was left on the table.

Rather than do another cigar app, I decided to demonstrate how the UI/UX lessons learned from Altadis Connect could be applied to pretty much any industry that required bulk purchasing and reselling.

Because teenagers definitely need another way to max out their parent's credit cards on Hypebeast gear…Sneaker Fox is my way of taking the lessons learned from Altadis Connect and applying them to a totally different industry: luxury streetwear B2B and C2C e-commerce.

Everything in Sneaker Fox that isn't a photograph is made with vectors. I drew the logo by hand in Adobe Illustrator Draw and created the dotted lines with vector patterns.

Now that iPad Pros are powerful enough to create hand-drawn vectors and cheap enough for any design studio to afford, I don't think there's a great excuse to use raster images for anything that's not a literal photo of a real-world object.

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When I made this site, I decided it was the perfect time to learn CSS Grid. At the time of me writing this, 0ctober 2nd, 2018, CSS Grid only has partial support in IE 11.

Since I intend for this site to be an example of what I can do, and not a comprehensive commercial product, I’m ok with that sacrifice in usability, especially since signs point to IE11 eventually adopting full CSS Grid support.

So with that said, I’d recommend using a different browser, such as Microsoft Edge. If you got cursed by a witch or something and have to use IE, you can contact me at or you can check out my
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