Shop A Docket Coupon App

Gotta get that (coupon) paper

Shop A Docket is an Australian coupon company founded in 1986. Times have changed since the 80s, and Shop A Docket wanted to make a move into the digital coupon realm. They already had a website, but they wanted us to help them go further with an exclusive coupon finding/saving/cashing/rewards app that helped you find the best coupons for your lifestyle and receive cashback rewards for using them.

Shop A Docket wanted this to be more than just a simple website or barebones app. They wanted us to create a new brand look, logo, and brand for them that stayed true to their roots while looking fancy enough to fit in at the app store.

Saving those digital penniesCreating a new look for Shopadocket was tougher than I thought it would be.

Their existing look was clear and reccognisable, but needed some sprucing up without totally changing.

In the end, I focused on their core colors white, red, and teal, while introducing a torn-paper motif and friendly new Gotham Rounded font.

Shop A Docket wanted a new logo to go along with their new app.

The whole point of Shop A Docket is making the physical coupon process less messy and complicated. I wanted it to feel clean and contemporary, but I also didn’t want people forgetting this was a coupon app.

Since Shop A Docket is all about coupons, I made the logo look like a ribbon of coupon paper, the kind a self-checkout station dispenses after you pay money. The “S” script font was unique to the logo, and I added the shadows to provide some distinction between the letter and the paper. The red used was exclusive to the logo to make it stand out as much as possible on the user's phone.

Here are some early design drafts. The client wanted us to pitch them on a new look, possibly even a new way of illustrating the coupons.

My first pitch had everything color coded, with the image overlay and page text changing colors for each coupon.

One of my pet ideas that didn’t make it past the first round of development was to give the user a “wallet” that they could access any time from the footer without having to dig into their account navigation.

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