Sabine's Paletas

Made by hand, made with love

My friend Sabine needed a logo and brand for her side business making and selling Mexican-style popsicles, or paletas. The goal was to incorporate warm, friendly, nourishing imagery with a playful, handmade aesthetic. It needed to set her apart from the competition and encourage passersby to check out her product. Though she ended up deciding these designs weren’t in line with the personality she was trying to convey, I had a great time creating them and attempting to solve her design requirements.

Keep It Sweet, StupidSince Sabine was going to be personally selling these to strangers on the street, the imagery needed to be as clear and evocative as possible.

The strawberry graphic was an early draft that turned into the popsicle and sun design. I wanted to create something that was sweet, human, and friendly.

I also tried to use the familiar silhouette of a popsicle without just making it a solid, flat shape.

To save my client money, I made the main design universal to her brand, and created a system for simple, color-coded flavor stickers. That way you could tell all the wrapped paletas apart without having to commission lots of different designs for flavors that might get discontinued. Everything had to look good on brown waxed paper, so I opted for bright, sunny colors along with generous use of white to avoid visual overload.

Sporting Grotesque is a fantastic, crazy typeface that's perfect for a fun, sweet, and snappy brand.

Sporting is distinguised by bulbous forms combined with crisp, sharp, angular terminals. To make sure my art matched the font, I only used curved faces with sharp corners. I kept straight lines broken up as much as possible and never used rounded edges.

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