Altadis Connect Collateral

All the sweet cigar convention merch that's fit to print.

If necessity is the mother of invention, then deadlines are the father. We had to quickly produce print-ready designs for the Altadis Connect trade show booth. Since the only approved designs at this point were the app UI and logo design, I decided to reference the shaking hands by making every piece of collateral a phone being touched by two hands.

By using some print-ready mockup assets of phones and hands, plus the narrower widths of GT America, I was able to create punchy layouts with a minimum of space that I knew would look good when they went to print.

Draw me like one of your trade appsWhat do you do when you're Altadis U.S.A. and you got a sick mobile app ready for the trade show floor?

You go to they guy who designed it and commission some sweet flyers and a big fancy display shelf!

This one is probably my favorite. For not being able to commission professional shots of hands holding a phone, I was really happy with how the title, hands, and logo played together and complimented each other’s shapes. I’d love to get a chance to commission proper shots for a similar project in the future.

This wall graphic for a display shelf was tricky, but so satisfying to pull off. Once I figured out the depth of the shelf, I was able to place nonessential information like the Google Play logo and web address low enough that an attendee would be able to see them until they walked right up on the booth. Since we weren’t able to get any test proofs of our designs, this had to work on the first try. I’m really happy with how it turned out.

We ended up not using the following designs, but my boss liked them. I would have loved to incorporate some non-product shots into the collateral rotation.

Sometimes easing off and referencing your product indirectly can give your campaign a sense of confidence and ease. I also felt smug for figuring out how to use the phone mockup hands for a totally unintended purpose.

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